Chiron Therapeutic Foot Spray has been designed for you by a classically trained aromatherapist and essential oil expert with over 30 years of experience in natural product formulation. As a diabetic herself, our formulator is all too familiar with the need to take great care of your feet. Dry, cracked, itchy, sensitive skin, bacterial and fungal infections and even more serious conditions can be easily prevented with daily foot care maintenance and use of Chiron Foot Spray.

Chiron Foot Spray features the most effective anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-viral essential oils available. Scientific studies have shown that pure essential oils of lemon, cinnamon, clove, oregano and white thyme are extremely effective at fighting fungi and bacteria. Combined with soothing botanical ingredients including organic aloe vera, purifying witch hazel and nourishing coconut oil, Chiron Foot Spray cleanses, moisturizes, repairs and protects your feet. Your feet need nurturing to perform their best for you as they carry you through life ---treat them like gold!

All Natural and Organic Ingredients

Who Uses Chiron?

Why Chiron?

Chiron Therapeutic Foot Spray eliminates foot odor at its source --- your feet.

No more funky feet or stinky sneakers!  (Of course, you’re welcome to use Chiron as a multi-purpose deodorizer for your shoes, socks, gym bag and yoga mat as well.)  Chiron’s gentle, non-greasy formula cools sore, tired, aching feet and effectively fights athlete’s foot and toenail fungus. It’s a healing tool for foot conditions after stressful activity or surgery and is ideal for diabetic foot care. 

Think about it:  we pay more attention to our hair, face and body than we do to our feet. Our feet suffer from the effects of tons of downward pressure, exposure to hard concrete and dirt and being squeezed into fashionable shoes. They are unsung heroes that deserve a lot of love. Practice good foot care and use Chiron Foot Spray daily, and your feet will reward you with many long years of freedom and fun on your walk through life!